8.9.17 – Mary

A. Group warm up B. Strength Weighted pull ups 5×3 *if you can not do a pull up work on negatives or scap pulls C. Mary 20 min AMRAP 5 HSPU 10 Pistol squats 15 Pull ups *scaling options: hspu – stack up bumper plates and abmat, 10-15 sec handstand hold,...

8.8.17 – Round Robin

A. Group warm up B. 5 rounds for reps *1 minute at each station with a 30 second rest between stations KBS (r) 53/35 row for cals sit ups ring dips C. Tabata superman holds D. Cool down

8.7.17 – Dr Dead

A. Group warm up B. Strength DL 5×3 Tempo X:3:3:1 *Explode up, 3 sec hold at top, 3 sec back to ground, 1 sec to reset *Use double overhand HOOK GRIP *Keep shoulders back on eccentric move *Can build in weight as long as you can keep correct tempo and form C....

8.4.17 – Leg cramp

A. Group warm up B. 20 minutes to work up to heavy squat clean C. 5 rounds 20 sec @ each station BB lunge steps 135/95 rest 40 sec Wall balls 20/14 rest 40 sec Strict pull ups E. Cool down