CrossFit North Phoenix Strength And Fitness

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CrossFit North Phoenix Strength And Fitness

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CrossFit North Phoenix Strength And Fitness

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Before we opened CrossFit North Phoenix, we did a little research and found that Americans will spend nearly 25 billion dollars this year alone on fitness clubs or gym memberships… And, that whopping total also carries with it this astonishing failure: 67% of people who sign up for a gym never use their membership. Wait… what? How can that be? It turns out there is a very good reason why this is true for a typical “globo” gym. The short answer is: They don’t care if you come, much less if you get the results you paid for… But,

You Can Get The Results You Want If

You put yourself in a position to be successful. The globo gym business model gives you cheap rates at the expense of quality results. In fact, they base their business on the fact that you WON’T show up! Most have so many members that if their members actually used the gym, the available floor space would not hold them all. Well, that’s great for their bottom line, but not great for you at all. That is why we started CrossFit North Phoenix. We are on a mission to provide a service that gives you high value and the results you want.

Really, If You Are Serious About It

You join not just a gym, but a community! This is where the power of CrossFit can propel you forward and help you get past being stuck in your fitness, flexibility, and strength. At CrossFit North Phoenix, you will be part of our fitness family or “FitFam” as we say. That means you will have friends here… People who care if you come. People who want to see you. People who love working out with you and chatting with you afterwards. People who genuinely want to see you succeed. You see, it’s the people you surround yourself with that you become.

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