A. Group warm upB. WOD demoC. Back Rack Step back lunges for load | 15 minutes | scale to goblet or body weight lunges for newer members #1: 16 reps #2: 16 reps #3: 16 reps Source: Workout Of The Day


D. EMOM 1220-30 seconds of forward lunge steps | OH, front rack, back rack | no rx10-15 plate to overhead 45/25db floor press | hold one arm in static locked out position | other arm does db floor press | 8-10 reps per arm Source: Workout Of The Day


A. Group warm upB. WOD demoC. 6 – 3 minute AMRAPS | rest 2 minutes between rounds1. 25/30 cal rowAMRAP of strict pull ups2. 10 deadlifts 155/105 | share a bar if possible 20 wall balls 20/14 | rx+ OH single arm db/kb squats – 10 per armAMRAP of burpees3....


A. Group warm upB. WOD demoC. EMOM 121. single arm DB hang clean and jerk – 5-7 reps per arm | no rx2. 20-30 second handstand hold | scale to static db oh hold if you are not ready to go upside down3. 20-30 second static ring hold | scale to hollow body hold D....

CNP Social Hike

CNP Social hike @9amMeet at Jason’s house:43106 N National TrailAnthem, AZ 85086Trail head is 50 yards from Jason’s front door.ALL are welcome!Bring you friends and family and lets enjoy a sweet training session… especially for you guys doing the...


A. Group warm upB. WOD demoC. For time:$$ in 400m run x 2 | rest 2 minutes between efforts | RX+800 w/vestthen…50 lateral box step up and over | RX+ add kb/db 50 push press or strict hspu – no rx50 sit ups Source: Workout Of The Day