The Founders Membership Sold Out

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Why Pay $160 Or More Per Month
When You Can Join CNP For Only $109 $119 $139?

CrossFit North Phoenix SquareFor a very limited time, you can become a Founding Member of CrossFit North Phoenix for only $119/Month and get unlimited CrossFit classes! This membership is now sold out!

BUT, you can STILL become an early Member of CrossFit North Phoenix for only $139/Month and get unlimited CrossFit classes! This membership gives you small class sizes, highly engaged coaches to help you every step of the way, and a CrossFit Community you’ll love… And, the most important thing of all: RESULTS.

How Can CNP Do This?

It is simple really… We are a new and growing gym with owners who understand that it is more important to invest in creating community around what we do in the gym and giving quality instruction that will get you results, than it is to get spendy on big rent in a space that will never be fully used. So, we are focused on getting people in here to work on themselves first and foremost..

When Will This Rate End?

No way to know, maybe today… maybe next month. It all depends on how fast we grow. We have a number in mind, and when we hit that number the price will immediately go up for Unlimited CrossFit to new members! So move now!

Why CrossFit North Phoenix?

CrossFit is proven to be one of the most effective training programs in use today. It’s tested and true. If you don’t see results that better your body and your mentality, it would only be because you haven’t attended class. So get on in here and the community of welcoming family we have here will be proof of the rest. Seriously.


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