Awesome, You’ve Taken The First Step!


Let’s Get You Started Off Right.

You’ll Be Getting A Confirmation Email Shortly

And, We Will Too… Then, I’ll Be Reaching Out To Welcome You.

You’ll get an email and maybe a phone call to confirm your spot. You can pay by credit card over the phone, or by credit card in person when you come in for your initial assessment on day 1. Either way is cool with us, but remember your spot is not reserved until it’s paid, and this offer does expire once all spots are taken.

What If You Don’t Get The Email Confirm Or You Accidentally Entered The Wrong Contact Info?

Everything will still be fine… Just pick up your phone and call or text me (Jason) at 4804420433, or shoot me an email at and we’ll get that sorted and get your first day scheduled. Easy.

In The Meantime, Do This:

Check out my facebook profile and friend request me here so we can get to know one another. Then hit up the CrossFit North Phoenix Page and click the “like” button… you will find all kinds of photos and videos of the gym here as well as our contact and address info.

Really, If You Are Serious About It…

You join not just a gym, but a community! This is where the power of CrossFit can propel you forward and help you get past being stuck in your fitness, flexibility, and strength. In our gym, you will be part of our fitness family or “FitFam” as we say. That means you will have friends here… People who care if you come. People who want to see you. People who love working out with you and chatting with you afterwards. People who genuinely want to see you succeed. You see, it’s the people you surround yourself with that you become.

Are You Ready To Do This?

I hope so! We, myself and my coaches, are all excited to meet you and find out how we can best serve you in terms of providing a quality fitness experience. We’ll be talking soon.



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