Testing Results For Week 1 Day 1


Note: View the details of this CrossFit North Phoenix baseline test WOD here

5/9/16 Testing Results

NameMovementScoreReTestMovementScore / ReTestMovementWeightScore / ReTestMovementWeightScore / ReTest
AdamBack Squat2552Min Cal Row442Min Wall Ball20292Min Walking Lunge458
AlanBack Squat2452652Min Cal Row36 / 382Min Wall Ball1426 / 232Min Walking Lunge255 / 10
AshleyBack Squat1852Min Cal Row252Min Wall Ball14202Min Walking Lunge2512
CarlBack Squat2752Min Cal Row382Min Wall Ball20262Min Walking Lunge4518
CarolBack Squat1551802Min Cal Row29 / 292Min Wall Ball1013 / 352Min Walking Lunge2510 / 23
ChristinaBack Squat1651752Min Cal Row32 / 282Min Wall Ball1023 / 402Min Walking Lunge2521 / 17
CindyBack Squat1701552Min Cal Row27 / 222Min Wall Ball1032 / 262Min Walking Lunge1015 / 15
CJBack Squat1852052Min Cal Row35 / 362Min Wall Ball209 / 322Min Walking Lunge4514 / 25
CorderoBack Squat1952Min Cal Row412Min Wall Ball20302Min Walking Lunge2523
DabrielBack Squat2252752Min Cal Row42 / 502Min Wall Ball2018 / 222Min Walking Lunge4518 / 25
DannyBack Squat1852652Min Cal Row29 / 312Min Wall Ball1032 / 302Min Walking Lunge2515 / 20
DarylBack Squat2052552Min Cal Row35 / 352Min Wall Ball1418 / 342Min Walking Lunge3510 / 20
DawnBack Squat2452Min Cal Row322Min Wall Ball14292Min Overhead Squats2529
DiegoBack Squat1702Min Cal Row282Min Wall Ball10352Min Walking Lunge1525
EddieBack Squat3153352Min Cal Row2Min Wall Ball20322Min Walking Lunge4524
IsaBack Squat85752Min Cal Row17 / 142Min Wall Ball To Top Of Board1014 / 282Min Walking Lunge1522 / 20
RhinoBack Squat1853002Min Cal Row21 / 292Min Wall Ball205 / 162Min Walking Lunge4513 / 15
JeremyBack Squat2052Min Cal Row432Min Wall Ball20212Min Walking Lunge4513
JoBack Squat1452Min Cal Row292Min Wall Ball14202Min Walking Lunge2515
JTBack Squat3052Min Cal Row372Min Wall Ball20342Min Walking Lunge4515
KevinBack Squat2552Min Cal Row432Min Wall Ball20182Min Walking Lunge2518
LukeBack Squat3252Min Cal Row402Min Wall Ball20272Min Walking Lunge4520
MeganBack Squat1552Min Cal Row312Min Wall Ball14112Min Walking Lunge2520
MicheleBack Squat1351602Min Cal Row28 / 292Min Wall Ball14 36 / 362Min Walking Lunge10 / 2510
Michelle LBack Squat1902002Min Cal Row31 / 332Min Wall Ball14 34 / 362Min Walking Lunge2522 / 15
MikeBack Squat2352Min Cal Row372Min Wall Ball20392Min Walking Lunge4510
MistyBack Squat1702Min Cal Row302Min Wall Ball14452Min Walking Lunge2520 / 25
NateBack Squat951452Min Cal Row30 / 332Min Wall Ball1419 / 462Min Walking Lunge2510 / 20
RJBack SquatDEV2Min Cal Row202Min Air SquatBODY302Min Walking Lunge1015
RodrigoBack Squat1652Min Cal Row2Min Wall Ball2Min Walking Lunge
RyanBack Squat2952Min Cal Row412Min Wall Ball20442Min Walking Lunge4520
TiffanyBack Squat1252Min Cal Row302Min Wall Ball14322Min Walking Lunge2510
ZakBack Squat3152Min Cal Row402Min Wall Ball20402Min Walking Lunge4521