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Meet Scott Porter

CNP Director of Programming

At CrossFit North Phoenix, we are fortunate to have a man on board who has been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years as a competitor, coach, and owner… Meet Scott Porter.

Scott’s fitness resume reads like a laundry list of certifications and competitions. He is the founder and owner of our sister gym, SpartanFit CrossFit, which recently hosted CrossFit HQ’s seminar team as they taught the CrossFit Endurance class.

Starting his career in Strongman, Scott was very successful and competed all over the U.S. and overseas as far away as China. And now, as a CrossFit convert, he has combined what he learned from the world of strength and power with what he has learned from his transition to CrossFit to become one of the most well rounded athletes and sought after coaches in the Phoenix area in the last few years.

Director of Programming Scott Porter

CNP Director of Programming, Scott Porter, competing at Rush Club… a very popular CrossFit style duel.

Having a unique understanding of what methodology it takes to become fit and strong, Scott now provides programming to two CrossFit gyms, personal training clients, remote training clients, Strongman athletes, and even to local competitions. He has a reputation for helping people get results… From adding strength and endurance to cutting weight, we are lucky to have such a fantastic well of experience available to our #SpartanFit community.

We are proud to be part of the #SpartanFit Family here at CrossFit North Phoenix

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