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Nate Martin


Nate Martin TrainerI have been involved with Crossfit and the Crossfit community since July of 2012 when I showed up for a free Saturday class at a nearby box.

Since then I have become a true believer in both Crossfits method of delivering fitness to people and the community of fitness, accountability and life change that Crossfit provides. So much so that I became certified to train others in Crossfit in August of 2017 and have been doing it ever since. And now, I am a trainer here at Crossfit North Phoenix and have been since March of 2019.

I have competed in 13 Crossfit competitions around the valley and in Southern California and I like to think that in addition to having the knowledge on how to do and teach any of the movements we utilize, and the multiple ways to modify them for everyone, there is also very few workouts, or combinations of workouts and movements I haven’t seen in my nearly 10 years of Crossfitting.


Nate Martin Trainer Crossfit North Phoenix
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We are proud to support the #HardWodder Ethos here at CrossFit North Phoenix

We value community, consistency, and contribution above all else. Let us know what your goals are and we will do our best to help you attain them. Come in with the understanding that your best days in the box happen first in your head. Once you conquer your own fear and doubt, the rest is easy.

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