8.1.18 August already

A. Group warm upB. WOD demoC. Strength/Skill – 25 minutes5x10 Single leg RDL | 5 per leg*lighter weight to work on balance and ankle stability5x10 Pistol squat | 5 per legScale options:Use rings to help keep balanceStand on a 45# plate or two**For both scale...

7.27.18 Nasty Girls

A. Group warm upB. WOD demo/barbell warm upC. 3 rounds for time of: 17minute cap• 50 Squats• 7 Muscle-ups or 14 pull ups• 10 Hang power cleans 135/105D. 8 minute EMOM1. 35 second front rack static hold 135/1052. 7 push ups Source: Workout Of The Day