10.1.18 Rocktober

A. Group warm upB. WOD demo/barbell warm upC. For load: – 15 minutes1 rep of the following complex for max load:Deadlift / hang clean / hang clean and jerkD. AMRAP 73 squat cleans 135/1056 pull ups9 deadliftsE. Cool down Source: Workout Of The Day

9.29.18 Open Gym

Do you want to work on a certain skill or strength?Open gym is the time to do that. This is not lead by a coach, so have a plan. There will be a coach present to help if needed Source: Workout Of The Day

9.28.18 Sleds

A. Group warm upB. WOD demoC. EMOM 121. 40m sled push | guys add 4-45 + 2-25 | gals add 2-45 + 2-252. 7 DB clean and jerks | from ground every rep3. 30 second static hang from pull up barD. EMOM 81. 30 second hollow body hold2. 45 second plank hold | hands and or...