A. Group warm up

B. Work 3-point hinge drill with athletes

C. Metcon
3rds for time:
Run 400m
10 Power Snatches Rx 95/65 Jedi 135/95

C. Cool down
Stretch with time remaining

The 3-Point Hinge is a drill to help you learn to keep your back in a neutral angle while pulling off the floor. Hinging is where we bend at the waist in a non-squatting pattern i.e deadlifting, cleaning, snatching.This is a great drill to ensure that you aren’t over extending on any pulling or hinging movements. Over extension can often lead to lower back pain and SI joint inflammation. Keeping your core neutral and engaged can prevent lower back issues and allow you to lift heavier loads.
The 3 points to keep in contact are the lower back, mid back, and back of your head. The goal is to be able to hinge while maintaining the 3 points of contact throughout the entirety of the movement. The point of contact most lost is the lower back. So before you hinge, take a deep breath in and squeeze your belly button in. Make sure you move slowly and make sure you feel the 3 points of contact with the PVC constantly. If you lose one, stop, return to the top of the movement, re-engage your core, and try again.

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