1. Saturday is bring a friend day. Be sure to drive this home! All are welcome. These classes have been lit!

2. T’gives and Xmas parties will be at Parkside Lane. Plan to come and bring friends!

3. November Challenge is two-fold: NOTE it’s part of your role to support participation. Better still, lead by example. :facepunch:
1. Horse stance up to 3 Minutes staring with 30 seconds… this is a level of quad pain seldom seen. Do this the traditional Kung Fu way. (https://www.shizokumartialarts.co.nz/general/wide-horse-stance/)
2. Outside the gym. Cover 100 miles. Walk, Crawl, Run to benefit Stopping Soldier Suicide (https://www.facebook.com/groups/255517409109447/)

4. The Spartan Virtual World Championship happening this weekend (Nov 7 and 8th). It’s an opportunity to earn 3 more medals per person. Mileage can count toward your 100 mile challenge as well! We have 15 people or more coming out! (https://www.facebook.com/events/860393131433130)
Have a great week… Bring all of yourself to it!

Shizoku Martial Arts – ChristchurchShizoku Martial Arts – Christchurch
Karate Wide Horse Stance | Shizoku Martial Arts – Christchurch
A mainstay of most martial arts schools is the Wide Horse stance, (Ma Bu in Chinese or Kiba Dachi in Japanese). Between styles and schools there will be many small variations but the fundamentals of the horse stance remain the same.
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Facebook Groups
Valley of the Sun 100 Challenge has 795 members. Welcome to the Valley of the Sun 100 Challenge! Thank you for committing to run/walk 100 miles this month and for helping us raise funds that will…
Spartan Virtual World Championship Weekend
Fitness event in Phoenix, AZ by CrossFit North Phoenix and HardWodder on Saturday, November 7 2020 (11 kB)
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