A. Warmup

200M Run
Perfect Stretch
Walking Toe Touch
High Kick Toe Touch
Spiderman Crawl
Banded Good Mornings
Air Squats

B. Squats

5 Sets Of Tempo Work Using Your 1RM + 10lbs!
1×5 @45% 22X2
1×5 @55% 22X2
1×3 @65% 22X2
1×3 @75% 22X2
1×3+ @85% 22X2 Last Set Is An AMRAP


2 Rounds For Reps

Accumulate As Many Reps As Possible During Of:
1:30 Calorie Row
1:30 Sit Up
1:30 Box Jump (24/20)
1:30 Ring Push Up
1:30 Kettlebell Swing (53/35)
3:00 Rest

Note: Score Your Lowest Round

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