A. Warmup

400m Run
Arm Circles Big To Small To Big
Overhead Clap

3 Rounds Of
5 Pushup
5 Stationary Inchworm
10 Single Arm Dumbell/Kettlebell Press

B. Push Press | Bar Starts On The Floor

5 Sets Of Tempo Work Using Your 1RM
1×5 @40% X332
1×5 @50% X332
1×5 @60% X332
1×5 @70% X332
1×5+ @80% X332 Last Set Is An AMRAP

C. Mobility WOD

Focusing on the PosteriorAnterior Shoulder/Overhead Positioning

*All movements are performed for 2 full minutes on each arm/shoulder

1. Banded Overhead Distraction – Improves Overhead Positioning, External Rotation / Test Retest Over head

2. Overhead with External Rotation Bias – Improves Overhead Position, External Rotation / Test Retest Front Rack and Overhead

3. Reverse Sleeper Stretch – Improves overhead position, Front rack position / Test Retest Overhead Position

4. Barbell Shoulder Smash – Improves Rotation Capacity, Shoulder Mechanics, Shoulder Pain / Test Retest Overhead press

5. Banded Bully – Improves Rotation Capacity, Shoulder Mechanics and Shoulder Pain / Test Retest Overhead press

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