A. Warmup

4 x 100m Run Progressively Faster
Perfect Stretch
Walking Toe Touch
Spiderman Crawl
Fire Hydrants
Single Leg Hip Bridges
Banded Good Mornings

B. Deads

Pair Up With Someone Of Similar Strength

5 Sets Of Tempo Work Using Your 1RM + 10lbs!
1×5 @50% X330
1×5 @60% X330
1×5 @70% X330
1×3 @80% X330
1×1+ @90% X330 Last Set Is An AMRAP

C. Sprints

2 x 500m Row

You have 2 attempts to establish your best 500m Row time.

D. Mobility

Take the remainder of class to mobilize joints or work myofascial release of sticking points.

Hey There! Quick Question For You...

Who Should Be Doing This Workout With You?